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Perhaps this is why historial styling logic has often asserted that the solution to styling boobs—particularly big boobs —is to style around them. This can mean sacrificing aesthetics in favor of practicality, or attempting to conceal yourself completely. While you might want to banish your sports bra to the bottom of your gym bag, I beg you to reconsider. A sports bra provides the holy trinity of big boob benefits: full coverage, support, and comfort, but it also can shapeshift into anything you please. Here, Mecca paired a taupe sports bra with a sheer top , relaxed pants , and black boots.
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25 Women Show Us Their Breasts (NSFW)

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50 Things You Can Do With Your Boobs - Relationships, Cosmopolitan India

Skip navigation! To breastfeed or not. To wear a bra or not. To Freethenipple or not. Conversations, debates and thoughts around breasts are rarely uncontroversial. Should women celebrate the attention and perks that a cleavage-revealing top can deliver, or should they cover up and practice modesty? What about boob jobs , currently the second most common plastic surgery performed in the U.
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The 16 Most Important Boobs of 2014 (NSFW)

This year, year-old Brazilian journalist Nana Queiroz read a report that said 65 percent of Brazilians thought that if a woman shows off her body she deserves to be attacked. Her picture went viral, thousands of people worldwide posted their own photos, and Queiroz even met with the Brazilian president. Best use of boobs, maybe ever. The movement to legalize women's right to be topless and to destigmatize boobs that Miley Cyrus , Scout Willis , and Cara Delevingne supported went from a hashtag with lots of topless photos including the above from Willis, which got her kicked off of Instagram to an indie film full of topless women exercising their right to control their bodies. Whether or not men actually understood what they were doing outside of, "Dude, look!
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VIDEO of a topless woman enjoying a ride out of a car sunroof in the scorching heat has become a hit on social media. The images show the blonde with her bare upper-body out of the open sunroof of a car travelling down a busy city street. The woman seems to be enjoying the feeling of the sun on her skin and the attention she is receiving and holds up her hair as she turns and smiles at the man filming from another vehicle. The laughing woman then lifts her arms into the air and leans back on the roof smiling as the car she is in drives off. The other man in the car can be heard saying: "Stavropol rules!
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